Scuba diving in Belize

Scuba diving in Belize is first-rate. The Belize Barrier Reef is a 300km section of the 900km Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system (which extends from the Yucatán peninsula through to Utila and Roatán).

While some dive sites can be accessed from land (or from resorts on the cays), liveaboards are better equipped to cover a broader range of dive sites, including the Great Blue Hole.

We love liveaboard scuba diving trips. You squeeze a lot of diving into a single week, in a way that isn’t possible on land-based trips. You also avoid lugging your gear around every day. And in some more remote places, it’s your only option.

Video highlights from our Belize liveaboard, including the Great Blue Hole

We visited Belize in February, as an escape from our Canadian winter. Our home for the week was the Belize Aggressor III, a 110-foot yacht with 9 staterooms. We splurged on the single “master” stateroom, located on the sun deck.

While scuba diving in Belize didn’t offer the same large animal life we’ve seen in other Caribbean destinations, it offered the best coral formations we’ve seen.

Losing our GoPro in the Caribbean sea

The topside views of the islands and cays was pure paradise. And despite being in (under) the water 5 times each day, we moored over such beautiful sand bars that we couldn’t resists jumping off the sun deck into the pristine water for swims (even dropping the GoPro into the sea).

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