My name is Matt, and this is is my blog, Matting It Up.

From Days in Places to Matting It Up

Matthew Clemente in downtown Toronto

I first created this blog in 2018 to write about my travels. I would share travel photos on Facebook and Instagram, but friends were always asking for more information on my itineraries. I put a lot of research into where to travel, what to see and do, where to sleep, where to eat, etc. I wanted to share this information to help others, and to create a digital memory book. I called the blog Days in Places.

When I figure something out that isn’t well documented on the internet, I’ll write about it in the How To section. From transit to-and-from airports, accessing remote locations, and finding the best photo vantage points.

I also created a section for food. While there are lots of ”best places to eat” articles on the internet, I wanted to feature some of the hidden gems we found. Usually, this means delicious and affordable food in places where this can be hard to find. Or a totally unique cuisine in an unexpected place.

Since I love to take photos, I usually stuff my blog posts with as many posts as possible. But sometimes that still isn’t enough, so I will sometimes publish a separate photo gallery.

Scuba diving

With scuba diving taking an increasingly larger role in our travels, I then created a separate scuba section. Many people are unaware that we have some amazing scuba diving here locally, in Canada. During COVID-19 when global travel was inaccessible, many of our local scuba diving sites were still available, so I explored this in more depth, and share some of my favourite sites and tips.


I’ve always found the van life culture fascinating. So when the world shut down in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed like the right time to join in. I purchased a brand new 2020 Ford Transit Connect and designed and built a simple-yet-elegant interior that would do double-duty as a basic camper van, while still being able to haul our scuba gear to local dive sites.

Matting It Up

Fast forward to March 2022. I quit my corporate job. My heart wasn’t there and I wasn’t happy.

I loved scuba, so in April 2022, I move to Utila, Honduras for a month to train as a scuba diving instructor.

The blog gets renamed to Matting It Up as I start sharing more from this phase of my life. The name is a play on living it up… my style.